Tardy Policy

Student tardiness is a serious disruption to the educational process. Tardiness interferes with instruction and infringes on the educational rights of other students. Tardy enforcement is a shared responsibility between the Kingman High School Administration, the Teacher and the Student. Each student is expected to be in class when the bell rings beginning the class period.

Student Tardiness

  1. A student will be considered tardy who is not physically present in the classroom at the start of the instructional period.
  2. A student who misses more than thirty (30) minutes of the instructional period has missed an essential part of the learning experience. Therefore, for purposes of attendance enforcement, a student who is more than thirty (30) minutes late to any class period shall be counted absent from that class, and the teacher shall mark their attendance accordingly.

Staff Responsibility

  1. Staff being physically visible during passing period is an essential component to enforcing this tardy policy and ensuring that students are in class at the beginning of the instructional period. Administration will be stationed throughout the campus and teachers will be present outside their classroom door to greet students as they enter the classroom.
  2. Every teacher’s instructional time is essential for student success. A teacher will not issue a pass to a student that will result in the student being tardy to their next class.
  3. A teacher will not issue a pass to a student during the first 10 minutes, or last 10 minutes of class unless it is an emergency situation.

Recording Daily Attendance

  1. Kingman High School is responsible for maintaining an accurate attendance record for each student enrolled.
  2. A student that is not in class at the beginning of the class period will be instructed to go directly to the Attendance Office. The Attendance Office will immediately issue the student a Tardy pass to class and enter a Tardy in the attendance records. Teachers will maintain a file of these passes as a back-up for attendance purposes, if necessary.
  3. The Tardy pass will indicate the student’s name, ID number, date and time. The student will have five (5) minutes to return to their class. Students taking longer than five (5) minutes to return to class will be sent back to the Attendance Office.