Career and Technical Education

What is Career and Technical Education?

CTE affects all aspects of our lives. From the doctors and nurses that have treated our illnesses, to the engineers and craftsmen who build the buildings where we live and work; from the police and firemen who protect us, to the mechanics and city planners who help get us to where we need to go; even the chefs of our favorite restaurants and the veterinarians who care for our pets… without some form of career-based education or technical schooling these individuals would not exist. There is no end to the impact CTE has on our society.

The ingenuity of today’s CTE programs sets it apart from standard educational classes. CTE empowers students with hands-on, practical wisdom and skills needed to apply knowledge throughout their careers. CTE not only provides students with the environment to discover their passion, but guidance for that passion, giving it purpose and a pathway for further development.

We live in a world touched by CTE and we work hard to provide the next generation with the keys to unlock their potential.

CTE at Kingman High school

Each of the high schools in Kingman Unified School District are proud to feature an array of unique CTE opportunities, run by professionals in their fields. Below is a list of the CTE program featured at KHS, many of which are exclusive to the school.

  • Animal Systems
  • Business Management and Administrative Services
  • Cabinetmaking
  • Culinary Arts
  • Welding and Metalworking
  • Architectural/Mechanical Drafting
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Digital Photography
  • Law, Public Safety & Security
  • Sports Medicine
  • Nursing Services
  • Technical Theatre

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“CTE helps students define success and happiness while choosing a career.”

Carol Gunnerson

CTE Director