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Cambridge Assessment International Education


2/13/20 - Deadline for in-district Cambridge High School Applications
All Day
3/2/20 - KHS Cambridge Showcase
6:00 PM
KHS Library
Margaret Stevenson Smith -
4/30/20 - Exams Begin
See Testing Schedule
Test Schedule is the same as LWHS

Kingman High School

The Cambridge program at Kingman High School provides a rigorous curriculum focused on creative thinking, hands-on application of skills, inquiry, problem solving and collaboration. The Cambridge IGCSE courses are excellent preparation for Cambridge Advanced and Dual Enrollment courses. The syllabuses are international in outlook, but retain a local relevance. Cambridge IGCSE assessment takes place at the end of the course and can include written, oral, coursework and practical assessment which broadens opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning.

Students enrolled in the IGCSE program at KHS will have the opportunity to earn the Grand Canyon High School Diploma. When students meet the college and career qualification scores in all core content areas, they qualify for the performance-based Grand Canyon High School Diploma. This diploma signals that a student is ready to do college-pathway work without remediation. The diploma opens up a variety of education and career pathways that build on the Grand Canyon High School Diploma. These pathways provide further preparations for students’ college or career goals. Students who earn a Grand Canyon High School Diploma are entitled to all the rights and privileges of a person who graduates with a traditional high school diploma under A.R.S. § 15-701.01

The Arizona State Board of Education adopted college and career readiness qualification scores for 2012-2014. The college and career readiness qualification scores vary by content area. Not every student takes all of the exams in the first year of high school.

Grand Canyon Diploma Requirements

  • Complete ALL 7 IGCSE exams in the subjects of English, Math, History, and Science (score G or higher)
  • Meet the college-ready qualifications on 5 Cambridge exams across every subject area:
    • First Language English (0524)—B or higher
    • Mathematics Extended (0444)—C or higher
    • History- History (US) (0416) or American (0409)—C or higher
    • Science-Biology (0438) or Chemistry (0439)—C or higher
    • One additional Cambridge subject area exam—C or higher)
  • Successfully complete a fine arts or CTE course
  • Successfully complete an economics course (earning ½ credit)

If your student does not qualify for the Grand Canyon High School diploma they may still work on obtaining credits for a traditional high school diploma or they may re-test a Cambridge syllabus. They may also be eligible for Cambridge Advanced dual enrollment courses.

LWHS offers the following education and career pathways after qualifying for the Grand Canyon High School Diploma:

    • Remain at KHS and take dual enrollment, Cambridge Advanced pathway courses. (11th and 12th grades)
      These advanced courses signal to University admissions officers that your student has undertaken the most rigorous courses available and they challenged themselves with college-pathway course work and expectations. In the increasingly competitive admissions process, these qualifications can help your student stand out in the crowd.In addition, Cambridge Advanced courses are often accepted for college credit and/or advanced placement courses at the University pathway. This is usually done through credit by examination.You can see specific colleges’ guidelines on accepting Cambridge Advanced pathway qualifications by searching the Cambridge Recognition policies database (Arizona Universities updated their credit by examination policies for Cambridge Advanced pathway courses in March of 2015):


  • Enroll in career and technical education courses offered at LWHS through WAVE JTED.
  • Graduate from high school with the Grand Canyon High School Diploma and go to community college.