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KHS Course Catalog 2022-2023

First page of the PDF file: KHS_Course_Catalog_23-24_Jan2023

Graduation Requirements

Education Subjects Credits Required
English 4.0 credits
Math 4.0 credits
Science 3.0 credits
Physical Education 1.0 credits
Health 0.5 credits
Fine Arts 0.5 credits
Fine Arts OR Career & Technical Education (CTE) 0.5 credits
World History/Geography 1.0 credits
US History 1.0 credits
Civics 0.5 credits
Economics 0.5 credits
Electives 5.5 credits
Total 22 Credits


KHS Course Catalog 2021-2022

First page of the PDF file: KHS_Course_Catalog_2021-2022